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Mr. Sampath Weragoda


Unveiling a new era in Richmond College, the Chaathra platform has enabled us with the technology to completely bring our educational procedure online. As the principal of Richmond College, I see this as the best opportunity for our students to thrive during this pandemic.

Distance learning is an alien concept in Sri Lankan Educational culture. As Richmond College, we are proud to mention that we accomplished a massive milestone in moving towards a brand new world of education with unlimited opportunities to learn alongside Chaathra.

With this new platform, Richmond students can continue their learning procedures seamlessly even at home. We will use this platform for the betterment of our school children and we are sure it will help our students a great deal even after the current situation prevails.

Finally, I would like to present my heartfelt gratitude towards the teaching staff of Richmond College who have worked tirelessly in preparing the lessons that are to be delivered online, and the Chaathra team including Mr. Sahan Wimukthi for their contribution in making this platform a reality.


Mr. Kelum Munasinghe

Deputy Principal

It is with great pride that I congratulate on launching the Richmond College newest CHAATHRA/RICHMOND website.

We have to move with the world where technology is moving upwards. Otherwise, we would be alone in the world. It is a great achievement to be able to accomplish such a task for over 5000 students of the school.

The main advantage of this website is, students can continue their learning even at home. Students can learn freely, and they can decide their study time also. Students can gather knowledge rather than the school learning system because students can explore extra knowledge about their lessons.  There are several choices according to students’ capacity. If students want to go through papers, there are many papers to select on the website. Finally, we can do online exams through this distance learning method also.

My heartfelt thanks go out to the Principal of Richmond College, Mr. Sampath Weragoda, who guided us in this endeavor and also Mr. Sahan Wimukthi, the old boy who offered to help mother Richmond who had educated him. I hope more than 200 academic staff and over 5000 students will reap the benefits.


Our Story

As Chaathra we have created the best solution to solve the educational crisis in Sri Lanka that occurred due to COVID19. Now, we are proud that we can present that system for students of Richmond College, Galle for free, eliminating every obstacle in their way to success. With this system in place, Richmond College, Galle becomes the first Sri Lankan school to have its own complete learning management system as a result of the collaboration brought up by Chaathra Education (PVT) LTD.

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“Chaathra is not just an online platform built to connect students, teachers, and educators. It is a place for new ideas, methods, and improvements to create a better, effective, and evolved educational system.”

– Chamod Sachin, Co-Founder


Chaathra is born to solve the educational crisis in Sri Lanka, occurred due to COVID19 pandemic. We are a 100% Sri Lankan based community of developers mainly featured by Ultra Solutions International and Chum Business Inc.
The main target of Chaathra is to eradicate the hurdles of connecting online for the educational community and assist the need of creating a safe environment to continue the Sri Lankan educational journey.


Our web solution consists of everything you need to bring any traditional class fully or partially online, and it can be used on any device.
How can you bring your class online?
You can go to and register your class. After uploading your course content as a video or audio, you are good to go!